The Jurisprudence Section of the webpage is a selection of decision issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union in different recent cases pertaining to fundamental rights within the European Union. 

  • Case C‑439/16 PPU (Bulgaria) – Presumption of innocence; preventive arrest;
  • Case  C‑695/15 PPU (Hungary) – Right of member states to send a seeker to a safe third country;
  • Case C‑601/15 PPU (Holland) – Placement in detention; right of stay in a member state;
  • Case C‑169/14 PPU (Spain) – Contracts with consumers; Abusive clauses; Right to appeal; 
  • Case C‑129/14 PPU (Germany, France, Italy) – Ne bis in idem; Notions of “served” punishment and punishment which “is being served”;
  • Case C‑562/13 PPU (Belgium) – Extradition; Equality before the law; Nondiscrimination; Right to appeal;
  • Case C‑542/13 PPU (Belgium) – Extradition; Lack of adequate treatment available in the country of origin;
  • Case C‑528/13 PPU (France) – Sexual orientation; Nondiscrimination;
  • Case C‑510/13 (Hungary) – Right to an effective appeal and to a fair trial;
  • Case C‑416/13 (Spain) – Discrimination on reason of age;
  • Case C‑316/13 (France) – Fair and equitable working conditions; Person with disability; Right to paid annual leave.
"The advancing knowledge on fundamental rights for lawyers” project is financed by the European Commission, within the framework of JUST/2014/JTRA/AG/EJTR Program managed by Directorate-General Justice. The project, with a duration of 17 months, is implemented by the Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies – Romani CRISS (Romania) in partnership with the Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance “Amalipe” (Bulgaria) and the National Institute for Lawyers’ Preparation and Training (Romania).